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Dance thru Ice Palace


Dance of the Fire-Flies     1902    Midi

Dashing Cavaliers     1911     Midi

Dawn of the Century     1900     Midi


Della Fox Little Trooper March     1896     Midi

De Sand Man's In Your Eyes Ma Baby     1901     Midi

Down Old New England Way     1899     Midi


Dreamy Oriental Melody     1920     Midi

Drifting Along to the Isle Of Love     1920      Midi

Egyptian Glide Tango     1914     Midi

Egyptian Glide Turkey Trot     1914     Midi


Elks Grand March     1896     Midi

Enticement     1901      Midi

A Flower From Irish Soil     1899     Midi


Flashlight March     1909     Midi

Four Horsemen March     1924     Midi

Get Off of Cuba's Toes     1896     Midi


Girl I Loved All Summer     1896     Midi

Grand March Welcome     1896     Midi

Great New York     1896

Herald Of Peace     1914     Midi          Band Organ recording


He's Goi'n To Hab A Hot Time Bye & Bye     1898     Midi

Highland Laddie March     1898     Midi

Home Coming March     1908    Midi

Hurricane March     1906     Midi



Hurrah For The Liberty Boys, Hurrah     1918     Midi

I Am Waiting For Your Answer, Dear Tonight     1901     Midi

Ice Palace March     1898     Midi

Yellow Ice Palace and it's respective back cover and the blue cover with it's back cover. 

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