E. T. Paull Covers Page 3

I Cert'ny thru My Rose


I Cert'ny Works Hard For My Money     1899     Midi

I'd Give A Hundred If The Gal Was Mine     1901     Midi

I Did Not Know I'd Miss You As I Do     1901     Midi

If Youse Got Money, You Can Knock At My Door     1901     Midi


If You Were Only By My Side    1898     Midi

I'll Be A Sister To You     1898

I'll Meet You Love Along The Line     1900     Midi

I Loves You, Sadie, 'Deed I Do!     1899     Midi


Iv'e Scratched You Off Ma' List     1897     Midi

Jolly Blacksmiths March     1905     Midi

Jubilaums Marsch     1913     Midi

Just Because I Want You All The While     1919     Midi


Kaiser Jubilee March     1913

Legion Of Victory March    1921     Midi

Lily Is My Sweetheart     1898     Midi

Lincoln Centennial Grand March     1909     Midi



Little Village Church-Yard Near The Sea     1898     Midi

Loan Me A Nickel     1896     Midi

Love's Fascination Waltz     1910     Midi

Mammy's Little Dinah     1899      Midi 



Mandy, Mandy     1901     Midi

March Victorious     1923     Midi

Mardi Gras March and Two-Step    Teller     1897     Midi

Mardi Gras March and Two-Step    Rosenthal     1897


Masquerade March Two-Step     1907     Midi

May O'Shea     1899     Midi

Mexican Echoes     1899    Midi

Midnight Fire Alarm     1900     Midi


Midnight Flyer     1903     Midi

Midst The Old Virginia Pines     1901     Midi

Morning Vespers     1899     Midi

My Black Bess     1899     Midi


My Little Baby Boy     1896

My Louisiana Babe     1900     Midi

My Pretty Polly     1897     Midi

My Rose From Tennessee     1901     Midi

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