E. T. Paull Covers Page 4

Napoleon thru Sheridan


Napoleon's Last Charge     1910     Midi          1911 recording, New York Military Band

Nero's Delight     1902     Midi

New York and Coney Island Cycle March     1896     Midi


Nobody Else But You     1901     Midi

Oh Joe, Dear Joe      1901

Old Church Door     1898     Midi

Old Man's Story     1895     Midi


Only A Little Hot Air     1901     Midi

Our Wedding Bells Will Ring Out Some Day     1901     Midi

Passing Soldiers     1902     Midi

The Patrol     1902     Midi


Paull's Hesitation Waltz     1914     Midi

Paul Revere's Ride March     1905     Midi

Pearl Of The Antilles     1899     Midi

Pershing's Crusaders March     1918     Midi


Phantom Dance     1902     Midi

Plantation Echoes Cake-Walk     1899     Midi

Pork Chops Am Good Enough For Me     1902

Porta-Povitch Five Step     1921      Midi


Queen Of Beauty Waltzes     1898     Midi

Queen Of The Night     1899      Midi

The Race Course March     1910     Midi

The Ragtime Dance     1899     Midi


The Ragtime Patrol     1899     Midi

Return Of The Admiral     1899     Midi

Revelation     1901     Midi

Richard Carvel Waltzes     1901     Midi


Ring Out Wild Bells March     1912     Midi          1916 Edison Blue Amberol recording #3032

Roaring Volcano March     1912     Midi

Romany Rye     1904     Midi

Roxala     1901     Midi



Rudyard Kipling Waltzes     1899     Midi

Rutherford Two Step     1897

Say "Au Revoir" But Not "Good Bye"     1918     Midi          1912 Edison #1911, Will Oakland      1898 Edison Cylinder,  J. W. Myers

Sheridan's Ride March     1922     Midi


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