E. T. Paull Covers Page 5

Signal thru Ziz



A Signal From Mars (Tied Sash)     1901     Midi          1910 Indestructable #3080  John Lacalle's Band

A Signal From Mars

Silver Sleigh Bells     1906     Midi

Since Sally's In The Ballet     1901    Midi                       


Sing Sweetest Bird     1901

Southern Zephyrs     1099

Spirit Of France     1919     Midi

Spirit Of The U.S.A.     1924     Midi


Stolen Kisses     1901

The Storm King     1902     Midi

The Strangers Story     1895     Midi

Sunset March     1897     Midi


Sweet Irene Schottische     1900     Midi

Sweet Little Annie Bell     1896

Sweet Memories Waltzes     1898     Midi

Sweet Molly Asthore     1922


Sweet Rosa Dugan From Hogan's Alley     1896

Thompson Street Cadets     1897     Midi

Ticklish sensation     1914     Midi

Tipperary Guards March     1915     Midi


The Triumphant Banner March     1907     Midi          Band Organ recording

True To His Promise     1896     

Uncle Jaspers Jubilee     1898     Midi

Uncle Josh's Huskin Dance     1898     Midi


United nations     1900     Midi

Up The State     1901

Vanity     1919     Midi


A Warming Up In Dixie     1899     Midi

We'll stand By The Flag     1898     Midi     

What Might Have been     1896     Midi


What Reiley Left Behind     1898

When Johnny Goes A Camping     1901     Midi

Where The Orange Blossoms Bloom     1901     Midi      

Whisper Again Sweet, I Love You!     1896     Midi    


Whose Little Girl Are You     1894

Witch's Whirl Waltzes     1901     Midi

Women Forever March     1916     Midi

Would You? Well, In A Minute     1898


X. L. C. R.      1899     Midi

You'll Always Find A Welcome For You At Home Sweet Home     1896     Midi

You Wont Do Any More     1899     Midi

Ziz March    1907     Midi


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