E. T. Paull Sheet Music

    The E.T. Paull sheet music is mostly from my collection, some are just images I've collected from various other sources like e-Bay or friends have sent me photos.  At any rate I'm short about 20, I figured I can just leave blank spaces until I get the images I'm missing.  If any of you folks have any of the missing images and would like to help me fill in the blanks, I would be most grateful.  I'm making the thumbnails larger and putting them in alphabetical order, a major undertaking, but what else do I have to do.  Also I'm learning how to use "FrontPage".


Agacerie thru Custer


Agacerie (Enticement)   1897

America Forever March   1898     Midi

America Queen     1897

American Wedding march   1919     Midi


Arizona March   1903     Midi

Arizona March Cobb Litho

Asleep At The Switch     1897     Midi

Asleep At The Switch     1897   Word Cover


Armenian Maid     1919     Midi          

Banda Rosa March     1897

Battle of Gettysburg March    1917     Midi

Battle of The Nations     1915     Midi          Old Recording


Beautiful Flowers     1898     Midi

Beneath The Spanish Moon     1921     Midi

Boy Who Wears The Coat Of Blue     1901     Midi

Broken Ties    1901     Midi



Burning Of Rome     1903     Midi

By The Lakes Of Killarney    1898     Midi          John McCormack recording

Carnival King     1911    Midi

Champagne     1900     Midi




Charge Of The Light Brigade     1896     Midi

Chariot Race or Ben Hur March     1894     Midi          1916  Recording, New York Military Band       1903 recording. Whistling solo, Joe Belmont  

Cindy, My Black Belle, Do!     1899     Midi

Circus Parade     1904     Midi



Cisnero waltzes     1897

Come to Mother Again     1901     Midi

Conqueror March     1898     Midi

Coon That Wore the First Shirt Waist      1900     Midi



Coontown Frolic     1899     Midi

The Cossack     1899

Cupid's Awakening Waltzes     1099     Midi

Custer's Last Charge     1922     Midi

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