Galapagos 2
April 2005

These pictures are not in the proper order as you have probably guessed by now.  I'm too lazy to try and figure in out.  The problem occurs when Shirley and I both take pictures.  It's difficult to interweave the two sets of pictures.  To date, no one has ever complained, so I guess no one really cares anyway.

The Hood Mockingbird the same bird that's on Shirley R's hat on the previous page.

The Giant Tortoise on San Cristobal (day 2) and a White-cheeked Pintail (day 3)

More of the rugged coast of these islands.  This was the hand delivered post office on Floreana (day 4)

A good shot of a marine iguana, the largest being about 3 feet long.  Here's John, Penny, and Diane with Kicker Rock in the background.

Then in the afternoon of day 4 a climb to a platform overlooking the bay and volcanic cinder cones on Floreana
Dana looking over the volcanos and vegetation.  A great picture of our cruise director, leader, lecturer, and naturlist, Barry Boyce, author of "A Traveler's Guide to the Galapagos Islands".

John, Stefanie, and Liz                 Diane, Don, Christine, and Dana

The snorkling group, I wasn't one of them.           Yellow warbler

The Galapagos Flycatcher                             Marine Iguana on Espanola

Flamingos in the lagoon on Floreana.                           Us

Lava cactus                            Flightless Cormorants