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        Page 2 is just a continuation from page 1

        We visited several settlements, some in use as research stations and some abandoned or not in use for some other reason.  This first one is one of the British bases, there may be other British bases, I'm not sure, where Shirley was able to buy post cards and stamps.  Here she sits among the penguins filling out the cards.  The next photo is taken at one of the American bases.  It's called Palmer Station.

        Our cabin on the boat.  Another view of the cabin showing the little flat screen TV.  I wanted to steal this one but they had it bolted down.  I was able to plug my camera into the TV and preview the pictures, that was a great feature.  The camera partly failed on this trip so I was unable to take indoor photos of anything because the flash failed.  So any photos taken indoors are all taken with natural light, as you can see, and will see, people all have dark faces.  Also the telephoto part of the camera failed.  Nothing lasts forever.

        Another iceberg each one more outstanding then the last, and our calm inland seas.

        Here is an example of an abandoned cabin.  I would like to have taken a few indoor pictures, but no flash.  The cabin was abandoned in haste and things inside were just as they had left them and was well preserved, but alas the camera was not working.   Me in the zodiac.

        Shirley took better pictures than I did.  This other photo of the cliff covered in ice, I'm now using it for my desk top after making a mirror image of it.  One of the few pictures taken with the sun out.

        All of this ice in the water happened just an hour before we got there.  It was caused by another zodiac full of people, yelling at the top of their lungs, and causing a big chunk of ice to fall off the cliff.  We all heard it but we were a couple of miles away.  So when we got here we also all yelled but nothing happened.

        Last photo on this page:  Cape Horn, we officially sailed across it, now we can officially put our elbows on the dinner table.  So the fable goes.
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