Africa Main Trip Page 4

Zebras on the move.  Click on the picture for sound.

 Sound of the Wildebeest The Wildebeest have kind of a snort to them, where as, the Zebra have a kind of jungle sound.  These are Crowned Crane with hippos in the water.

Our last tented camp, "The Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp" complete with mosquito netting.  We're still in the Serengeti National Park.

These tented camps have all been very nice.  This one had a great view.  A picture of the hotel lobby, also tented.

Our driver for the 2 weeks Alli, and our guide Hoti.  These guys were great.

We leave in the morning after spending 2 days at Mbuzi Mawe.  The airstrip just a dirt field out in the middle of nowhere, and we fly to Arusha, from there travel overland to Narobi, and finally end up in Johannesburg South Africa.

The wonderful folks that were with us on this trip.  There were 12 people total on the main trip, and a few less on the post and pre trips.  All and all a fine group.  David and Pat in the first picture.  Patsy and Evonne second picture.

Doug and JC.  Dough was a single.

JC describing this enormous lizard she found in her tent.  Marilynn demonstrating the use of dental floss to the principal of this school we visited.  She brought a whole bag full for the kids in the school.

Susan and Evonne

Linda and Carlie
OK that's it for the main trip, sorry I had to leave so much out.  There was so much to see and take pictures of.  The amount of pictures to wade through was just overwhelming.  The next page will be Victoria Falls and Zambabwe.