The Home Theater

  The pipe organ no longer exists.  The room where the pipes were I divided in half, half for storage and half for display (see picture below). There are ten chairs, a 72 inch television, laserdisc machine with about 650 laserdisc movies, DVD player with all the sound equipment as well, but no heating or air conditioning, that's what the blankets are for that you see on the back of some of the chairs.

The display room

The lamps, of which there are nine, were made for us by (Joe) Rinaudo's Reproductions, 3725 Park Place, Unit "E", Montrose, California 91020; Phone (818) 957-2077. He now has a wonderful web site. You can find him at
They are solid brass with two bulbs inside. I've put one white and one red bulb in each of them and can control each color independently with dimmers.

Joe has restored our gas and electric light fixture as well. I acquired it back in the early Carty Piano days from Cleveland Wrecking Yard. Of course there is no gas going to the lamp today, it's all electric.

I've removed the sheet music because they gave the room cluttered closed in look.


To the right, in the bookcase, is the collection of laser discs.  I've now added 2 movie posters "The Trouble With Harry" and "Going Hollywood"

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Revised December 17, 2003