Galapagos 4
April 2005

The female Great Frigatebird, you can tell by the white breast and the red eye ring.  The Magnificent has a blue eye ring.
The Blue Footed with eggs, they cover the eggs with their feet instead of using a brooding pouch.

Everybody taking pictures of the inflated gular pouch.  John taking a picture of something, perhaps salt bush.

Shirley looking at a Frigatebird up close.  More of that tough walking lava.

Another Red Footed Booby.    And who can forget that long flight of stairs.

                 Sting Rays.                               Our final night on board with the crew.

Saying goodby to the crew after a wonderful adventure.

Off the boat, on our way to the airport, and our one final encounter with one of those friendly seal lions.
We had a final fairwell dinner at a reastruant in Quito called El Nispero, nice place.  And a good time was had by all.
Thanks for the wine John and Liz.

Some more pictures from the reastruant.

A final montage:  from left to right, top row, Jan, Christine, Penny, and Liz; next row, Kris, Dana, Stefanie, Pat and Barbara; bottom row, Shirley R., Diane, Don, and John.