Photos of Our Family

Homer and Gayl, one of those Cruise ship photos

Deirdre  Audree  Hollee

Deirdre's been taking classical guitar lessons in Iraq.  She's sounding pretty good even though the recording was done in less than desirable conditions, a family get together.  So click on her picture above and give a listen. 


Deirdre's college graduation May 2010 from Cal State Dominquez Hills



And then on May 09, 2014 Elizbeth joined our family

  Elizbeth Carranza


 Elizbeth and Deirdre May 09, 2014

   Photo taken Dec. 2004


2010 May

  Nataliya  2013
February 6, 2006
We got our first, and I hope not our last, great grandchild thanks to Audree


   Audree May 2010

Audree and Michael Ruelas August 22, 2013

Audree and Michael marriage Aug. 22, 2013


And with the marriage along came two more great grand children Scarlett Rose Ruelas Dec. 20, 2012


And Mikaela Ruelas Aug 13, 2008


 Hollee's high School graduation from Hollywood High School June, 2006.   And her graduation from UCLA in 2011


   Hollee and Riz 


    Gayl and Cheryl    June, 2006

    The following pictures are of Steven, age 16, 17 and 23

                                                                                                          Steven's Graduation from USC


    Recent photos of Cheryl and Elliott

    This is a picture of the whole family, all ten of us. It was taken Christmas Eve 2001.
    From left to right:  Elliott, Joe, Cheryl, Steven, Shirley Gayl, Audree, Deirdre, Homer, and Hollee.

    Homer, Elliott, Cheryl, Deirdre, Audree, Steven and Joe in the back row.

    Hollee, Gayl with Nataliya and Shirley on a recent trip to the Caribbean (2007)

    Shirley, her brother Tom, then cousin Jim, cousin Susan, cousin Linda, and cousin Joan

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