Carty Piano Co.

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May 20, 2003 I was thinking maybe I should add some of the old photos from the piano shop days.  Not many pictures were taken in those days but I've got a few.

Here is some really early stuff, taken in our first year of operation (1958) from left to right in the first photo are:  Wurlitzer the dog, Dick, Carol Frost, Claudia Beaty with me in front of her and Ramsey Carter.  The shop was on an alley behind a house in Inglewood.

That's me in that first shop in Inglewood.  Dick and Pat in the earliest photo I could find.

This one is a bit later.

Nothing lasts forever, this is in the alley behind our first store, 1958. That's my MG just to the left of the truck.

Some more early photos, we're still in Inglewood but this is the third store, or mostly the third store.  There's Dave Hartman and John Patton, who both worked on the nickelodeons, and Iver Becklund who did mostly custom work from manufacturing missing parts to making entire nickelodeons.

Ray Becklund did a lot of our outside service work, Vel Becklund did in-shop rebuilding.  Dale Woodward worked for us during the summer and part time, while going to school.

Iver in an early Sept.1969 photo, and Dave taken about the same time.

John Patton in a grumpy mood, (Mike tells me that John always looked this way) and Iver with Vel in the background.

  Dick an Iver Becklund in an early photo, before Iver let his hair go long.  The older gentleman on the right is Frank Rudolph, he was employed in the early years (1920's) by some of the top Player Piano Manufacturing Companies of the day like Weber, Cunningham, and Lester.

  Nancy today
An early photo of Iver, Larry Givens and Dick, I think this was taken in Larry Givens 's home in Pennsylvania.  Larry Givens wrote the book, "Rebuilding the Player Piano" which became a very successful publication.  And Nancy Jahn our Inglewood secretary for many years.

  Our first store that wasn't behind somebodys house, this was out on a (wow) main street (LaBrea Ave in Inglewood) 1959.  Then we moved a block or two south on LaBrea to this much larger store, where we stayed for several years.  Most of the photos above and on the next page were taken while we were at this store.

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