Africa 2 the Main Trip

Here we are for our first day of the main trip, a brief stay in Nairobi with a visit to the former home and now a museum of Karen Blixen, the author of "Out of Africa".  Then a block or two away, The Giraffe Center, where we all got to feed the Giraffes.

We're still in Nairobi, and as we drove along the streets there were a great many of these nurseries along the side of the road, that the people had put together themselves.  They also had primitive furniture shops where they made beds, chairs, sofas and other items. They just set up shop, any kind of shop, along the road.  The photo on the right is a typical retail shop that you would see anywhere in Africa.  This one happened to be in Kenya.

Our next stop was Sweetwater Lodge still in Kenya.

Most of this part of the trip we were right on the Equator.  We were, on the whole, mostly cold.  These tented cabins were not heated so it was cold at night.  They put hot water bottles in our beds at night in some places.

Sweetwater Lodge.  The restaurant is just to the left of the table, and as we were sitting on the inside looking out the windows, the Marabou Storks would be on the outside looking in waiting for a handout.

Interior of the sweetwater tents.  My picture on the left, commercial picture on the right.

One of the extra activities here at Sweetwater was a night game drive.  I opted out of this extra adventure, but Pasty went, and she was kind enough to send this picture.

Somewhere between Sweetwater and our next stop, Amboseli National Park, which was a long way away.  We stopped to see a local school.  It was lunch time and Carlie and Evonne helped out with the lunch line.

Lodge at Amboseli National Park, no tents.

Commercial picture of the lodge.

Next day a trip to a Masai village, it was very similar to the one we went to in Masai Mara on the pre-trip, however, this one was a bit less primitive.

These were the ladies and they sang a few songs.  Click on the picture for sound.

Here we are sitting around getting the lecture on the ways of the Masai.  Afterwards we went into the huts.  They were very dark and close, much too close to take pictures.  Taking pictures was not a problem, there were no restrictions.

And of course, they want to demonstrate their fire making abilities.   The guy wearing my hat was blowing this long horn.
Click on the picture and you can hear it.

Everyday we would go on game drives usually mornings then again late in the day.  Nothing much going on in the heat of the day.  Elephants with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the back ground.

Here we are waiting to go oft to are next adventure, Tarangire National Park, which is across the boarder in Tanzania.